The Sessions Health Guide to Private Practice

Written by experienced therapists who help you run your dream private practice

Client Relationship

Help keep the theraputic relationship strong and active with these posts about the therapeutic alliance.

Nuts and Bolts

The everyday concerns of running a private practice from scheduling to billing and everything in-between.


Guidance for keeping insurance claims running smoothly including the appropriate use of CPT codes.


The reflections of practicing psychotherapists about the art of psychotherapy.

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  1. The Wisdom Series with Ryan Peterson

  2. Keep track of important client events and anniversaries for a better therapeutic relationship

  3. How to submit claims to insurance companies

  4. Stay organized as a psychotherapist in private practice

  5. CPT code 90834

  6. The Wisdom Series with Ian Felton

  7. CPT code 90837

  8. What are superbills and how do they work?

  9. Sessions Health, A free EHR for mental health professionals

  10. How to get more private pay cash psychotherapy patients