Sessions Health Releases Electronic Claims Submission for Behavioral Health Practices

Minneapolis, Minnesota - December 7, 2022 – Behavioral health providers and clinics may now use Sessions Health Electronic Health Records (EHR) system to submit claims electronically. With access to over 2000 payers across the United States, therapists who bill insurance via Sessions Health will save time and get paid for their services more quickly. By saving time on billing, psychologists and psychotherapists can focus more on what matters—the therapeutic relationship. Sessions Health has recently emerged as a simple-to-use EHR favored by many solo practitioners and group practices in the behavioral health space, primarily in the United States. By integrating with Change Healthcare, the electronic claims clearinghouse with connections to the most payers in the United States, Sessions Health has completed the most significant step to date toward their mission of helping psychotherapists and mental health professionals manage their private practice or clinic and strengthen client relationships.

Sessions Health developed the electronic claims feature to make it easier for psychotherapists to manage their practice. Although Sessions Health already greatly simplifies many of the processes that psychotherapists need to perform to manage their practice, there were generally too many steps involved with handling insurance claims. With this feature launch, Sessions Health makes it easy to electronically submit claims and greatly reduces administrative time so that providers can focus more on care.

The founders of Sessions Health have expressed what it means to them that electronic claims are now available.

“Our ultimate goal is to provide a platform for mental health professionals to focus on their clients’ care to combat our society’s mental health crisis rather than focusing on administrative and billing tasks. With electronic claims, we’ve taken a very large step to easing the administrative burden for our providers, and have opened the door to many others that may now find Sessions Health a viable option for their EHR needs,” says Dan Root, CEO and co-founder of Sessions Health.

“As a practicing psychotherapist who uses Sessions Health in my own practice, my billing process is significantly lighter now. It’s really fun to press the “submit” button and then have payments post to my bank account in short order. More importantly, the less time I need to spend on the financial part of psychotherapy, the more time I have to conceptualize my clients’ histories and how they relate to present situations they are trying to navigate,” says Ian Felton, COO and co-founder of Sessions Health.

The cost to submit electronic claims is competitive with other popular EHR systems. Sessions Health also provides a volume discount to customers who rely on the system to process a larger number of claims. Providers who are interested in Sessions Health are invited to sign-up for a 30-day free trial at

The founders of Sessions Health have decades of experience in healthcare leadership, mental health services, and software engineering. Sessions Health is proud to be based in Minnesota, the heart of the nation’s healthcare industry. Sessions Health can be found on the web at