During COVID-19, Sessions Health Elevates the Therapeutic Relationship in a New Mental Health Practice Management System

Minneapolis, Minnesota - August 13, 2021 - During the isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic which took a devastating toll on mental health, Sessions Health built an Electronic Health Records (EHR) system focused on human relationships. The company’s mission is to make a private practice tool with a heart, one that focuses on strengthening client relationships as much as helping with the nuts and bolts of running a mental health practice. The EHR market is saturated with products that merely focus on the administrative and bureaucratic functions of running a mental health practice. Founded by a therapist, an engineer, and a healthcare analyst, Sessions Health created a product that psychotherapists and mental health professionals can use for what matters most to them: strengthening the therapeutic relationship with the people they help. With this shift in perspective and priority, Sessions Health aims to create a product that mental health providers look forward to using as a fundamental tool to support healing—not just to satisfy administrative demands.

The co-founders each have decades of experience in healthcare leadership, mental health services, and software engineering. Sessions Health is proud to be based in Minnesota, the heart of the nation’s healthcare industry. Sessions Health can be found on the web at sessionshealth.com.