A free EHR for mental health professionals

Finding the right Electronic Health Records system can be challenging. It’s even more challenging if you’re a mental health professional looking for something low-cost or free. Many times, free doesn’t mean free, or features that you need to do your work are disabled. That sort of free isn’t going to help. Sessions Health offers both a freemium plan and a very affordable paid plan. This article clarifies the difference between a freemium plan and a professional plan.

silhouette of therapist and client

Sessions Health offers a free EHR plan that helps improve the therapeutic alliance

What’s included?

All accounts include:

Secure online EHR with Full HIPAA Compliance
Unlimited Document Storage with Backup
Calendar Syncing
Recurring Appointments
Appointment Reminders
Client Portal
Secure Messaging
Consent Forms
Customizable Intake and Note Templates
Paperless Intake
Diagnosis and Treatment Plans
Billing and Statements
Online Payments
1500 Forms and Superbills
And more...

Our goal is to help psychotherapists and mental health professionals manage their private practice or clinic and strengthen client relationships. We want to have this same commitment to those who are using our free version. You get appointment reminders, billing features, custom forms, a client portal, and more.

Who is this EHR right for?

Many therapists who are looking for a free EHR are working part-time and want to keep costs low. Our freemium plan is just right for counselors and mental health professionals who have few clients and need a full-fledged mental health software platform with all of the needed features. Sessions Health is based in the cloud and HIPAA-compliant making it ideal for psychotherapists in the United States and Canada. The free plan is fully customizable which means you can customize your own note templates, intake forms, diagnostic assessments, screenings, and more.

Can I upgrade?

Yes! If you ever want to upgrade to the professional plan, it’s easy and nothing is lost. You keep all of your existing client information, customizations, etc. With the click of a button, you can unlock unlimited clients and practitioners. This makes it easy to use the free plan to evaluate the EHR and then to upgrade once you decide it’s right for you.

Are there ads in the freemium plan?

No. We don’t try to make money off the free EHR plan by inserting annoying ads that get in the way of you doing your job. It’s simply a full-fledged free EHR that you can use as long as you want. You will not see distracting ads while you’re working. There are other free EHR systems out there that do put ads in front of you while you use it, but this isn’t one of them.

Does it include support?

Yes. While many free EHR plans don’t offer support, our free EHR plan still offers support. What good is a free plan if practitioners don’t get any help to use it? Other companies’ EHR platforms leave you out in the cold and don’t treat you like a real customer, but that’s not our style. We care about cultivating relationships, just like you. As a result, we offer that same level of support to our free plan users as we offer our other customers.

Are features disabled or scaled down?

No. Our free plan doesn’t disable or scale-down any features. All of the great features available to professional plans are exactly the same in the free version. Again, many companies disable features so that the product isn’t really useful unless you upgrade. That isn’t the case with our mental health practice management software. Therapists get all of the features all of the time.

Is there a time-limit?

Nope. The free plan is always free with no time constraint. In addition, we offer a free trial of the professional plan. The free trial of the professional plan is 30-days from the day you make your account. You can always stay at the free plan if you feel like the professional plan isn’t for you.

Free EHR for mental health summary

There are several EHR offerings on the market that are free. However, most of those plans either litter the experience with ads, disable features, remove features, or put a time-limit on how long you can use it. Sessions Health EHR does none of that. We offer a 100% free, 100% fully-functional EHR system with no limit on how long you use it. We also offer customer support and treat you like a valued customer.

If you’re ready to sign-up and need help, you can get help creating an account for your mental health practice. If you run into any difficulties using Sessions Health, you can visit our help center. You can always get in touch with a real person by emailing support.