Keep track of important client events and anniversaries for a better therapeutic relationship

We all know that rapport with our clients is the most critical part of successful therapy. It’s difficult to maintain rapport if we aren’t aware of major things happening in our clients’ lives. However, it’s also very difficult to keep track of significant events for 20 - 30 people. It’s easy to miss a birthday or anniversary. Maybe that isn’t too big of a deal. But there are other events we should be aware of that are critical to the therapy such as the date of the death of a spouse or a significant trauma.

When we are aware of these significant client events, our clients will trust us more and the therapy will deepen. If we aren’t aware, we might miss critical opportunities to show the people we work with how much we care about their lives. But this isn’t an easy task.

Track client events with Sessions Health

Since Sessions Health is designed by practicing psychotherapists, we focus on features that help you deepen the client relationship. Tracking client events is one way we help you integrate your EHR software with what really matters in your work. From the home page, you’ll see a list of everything that needs your attention. This includes significant client events that you’ve added. Instead of just being notified about clerical tasks before a session, you’ll see incredibly useful reminders that you need for the work you actually care about. Screenshot of client event reminders

Screenshot of client events

It’s easy to add a new client event. Just click the ‘Add’ button from the reminders section of the home screen. You’ll see a dropdown with a few options. Screenshot of adding client event reminders

Screenshot of adding client events

Client Birthdays are tied to the birth date in the client’s record. This makes it easy to get reminded when their birthday is near. Screenshot of adding a client birthday reminders

Screenshot of adding a client birthday

Client events are more general and give you the flexibility to customize the description to whatever makes sense. You can set the event to recur at different frequencies, although annually is the most likely scenario. Screenshot of adding a client event

Screenshot of adding a client event


As therapists, we’re tasked with the impossible: trying to understand people more deeply than they understand themselves and then helping them to use that understanding to grow. If we are out-of-touch with the broader currents in our clients’ lives, we are going to miss critical emotional states and opportunities to foster improvement to the therapeutic relationship. Sessions Health wants you to succeed in the most important way as a therapist and provides mental health professionals with features that actually help them with the parts of the job that they care about the most.